Sod Installation Guide

Sod Installation Guide

April 15, 2021
Sod Team

Whether your doing sod installation yourself or hiring a landscaper to do it professionally it is helpful to know what is involved.

There are companies that do sod installation to install sod and we can provide referrals for this. Please visit our contact us page for more information and to request a free sod quote. We provide two great varieties to make sure you have the best sod product for your residential or commercial sod project. We provide sod for Idaho Falls and Pocatello, Idaho currently but we recommend checking back often for additional locations for pick up and drop off.

Steps for sod installation

  • Check the Soil
    • Apply chemicals to kill sod, grass, and weeds on your soil before installing the new sod.
  • Choose a Grass for your lawn
    • We provide 100% Kentucky Blue Grass and Advantage Turf products for your new lawn that provide great benefits including wear tolerance, disease residence, and great natural color as well as low maintenance and reduced water usage sod varieties.
  • Measure Sod Area
    • We recommend using an area calculation of your yard to order the number of square feet of sod needed for your yard. This will help you not over-order on sod that you will need on the project. Give us a call at 208-821-8839 or visit our contact us page to find out more about area calculation and how many square feet you will have for your project.
  • Preparation of Soil and Leveling Your Soil
    • This is an important step for your new grass because it can help reduce the amount of water you will need and help your grassroots penetrate further into the ground. A couple of items that will help in this process is to reduce compact soil, add organic matter, smooth out the soil surface, allow for water to help settle the soil. Another recommendation is to rototill your ground for the new sod and adding topsoil. This will help allow for a deeper root system and for proper water run-off.
    • Spending time on the preparation of your new lawn can help with creating a new healthy lawn.
  • The final step is Putting the New Sod in Your Yard
    • Once you have done the preparation is time to do the installation. Once the sod is delivered you will want to install it within 48 hours or less when the sod pallet is delivered or picked up.
    • Plan where you want the sod delivered, use wagons to move the pieces of sod as you move around in your yard.
    • Have the right tools such as a knife to cut odd-shaped pieces of grass to fit around curbs. 
  • After installing it's now time to enjoy your new green lawn! 

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Sod Installation Guide
Whether your doing sod installation yourself or hiring a landscaper to do it...
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